Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Edification of your " STAR PLAYER"

In my experience, people have succumb to events and issues based on fear and fear alone. We, unfortunately, are good at instilling fear in each other. It is as if we have a pre-disposition to fear instead of Hope. Each day we have the opportunity to tell ourselves and the one's around us that This is the "BEST DAY OF MY LIFE". The edification comes in when you reflect and say "TRY MISSING ONE".
Each day brings it's joy and pain, it's ups and downs but they should be embraced and cherished. As we begin to put our STAR PLAYER in motion, the one thing we have to remember is that, fear is crippling and allow all those negative vibes to interrupt and distort our focus. We are not talking about lying to oneself but accepting the good and the bad of situations and not letting those things hinder us from moving forward.

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