Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Moment of M.A.D.ness: Integrity

I was once asked about the word integrity. I replied to the person that I believe integrity in my life operationally is doing the right things the right way. The "By any means necessary" approach is not acceptable when you are talking about integrity. Unethical ways of achieving success is not an option. We are created human and we are govern by laws, natural laws that prohibits us from debasing ourselves to animalistic behaviors. It is that innate thing that tells us we are doing wrong or headed in the wrong direction. If we will only take a minute to listen, we will find ourselves in a better position. I once watched a program about a young man who was deep into gang activity and at the age of 11, shot his first person.After the high of drugs and alcohol sunsided, he was left with that inner voice that was telling him that he was wrong for what he had done. If we would only listen before hand, that very same voice is talking to you before you ever commit the wrong act.
Integrity is a God given right mankinf owes to each other. Integrity is the courtesy that allows human beings to be human.

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